Friday, July 11, 2008

I sit with the goose
who wears the green bandanna
I hold the knitted shawl


jyamamo said...

Your're probably not going to be greatly enamoured of the information, but I had a friend once (a boyfriend of my sister's, actually) who prided himself on the following "haiku":

Farting while walking
effects minimal increase
in velocity

He rather liked the fact that, short as it was, it contained two (very slightly different meanings).

It just so happened that he and I (and my girlfriend at that time) went on a cycling trip together during the drought summer (England, 1977), during which I (in a manner worthy of Basho himself) concocted the following riposte:

Farting while cycling
necessitates raising one bum
from the saddle

That's it! Sorry - it's totally unedifying, but there it is...


Staying in Balance said...

Hmmm...I think I prefer the first of your two haikus! :)